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  • Rolltisserie

    Rolltisserie Whether you're a professional tailgater, the designated family reunion chef, or simply have a reason to make unreasonably large quantities of smoked food, you would do well to check out...Visit Uncrate for the full post.

  • Karl Schroeder: Science fiction versus structured study of the future, sf as aspiration

    Karl Schroeder: Science fiction versus structured study of the future, sf as aspiration Shared by JFoote From one of my favorite authors: Karl Schroeder, a fantastic science fiction author (see this review for a taste of his work) has spent the past two years in a Master’s programme in Foresight at the Ontario College of Art and Design. In this guest essay on Charlie Stross’s blog, he describes the way that structured study of the future interacts with science fiction. Karl is always the furthest-out guy I know — he was the person I first heard the word “fractal” and “SGML” from, long before they’d entered the popular consciousness. If you’re afraid of[…]

  • Foodzy: Making Dieting A Game For You And Your Friends

    Foodzy: Making Dieting A Game For You And Your Friends Shared by JFoote Might Give this a whirl A new app lets you track all your meals, gamifying eating healthy and making what you eat a social activity. Is this the new Weight Watchers? How much food did you eat yesterday? What about the day before? You probably know generally, but we're in an age now of hyper measurements of personal data and it's high time you could track what you had eaten every day and every meal. That's what new startup Foodzy helps you do. There are also obvious health benefits. If you can measure your food, you can[…]

  • destroywerk

    Some nice work by Tim Green.

  • Selling to Big-Box Retailers

    Selling to Big-Box Retailers Do you ever wonder how all those products end up on the shelves of your favorite retailer? Here are some case studies of small businesses who cracked the code.One of the most common ways to start a business is to begin selling a product that you've either made or designed. Maybe you started selling your widget locally, at markets and fairs, and maybe even moved onto the shelves of some mom-and-pop retailers around town. You may have even expanded by selling online. But at some point, you've also thought about how to take your product line to the big-box big[…]

  • BankSimple: A Bank That Doesn't Suck

    BankSimple’s dream team (left to right, from top): Thomas Lockney, engineer; Shamir Karkal, CFO; Bill DeRouchey, creative director; Josh Reich, CEO; Toby Sterrett, engineer; Brian Merritt, operations; Alex Payne, CTO; and Ian Collins, engineer.Inside BankSimple's quest to put user experience above all else."LET'S START a retail bank." That was the email subject line that greeted Jerry Neumann, a venture capitalist, one morning in 2009. The sender: his former employee Josh Reich, a Wall Street denizen so fed up with his personal-banking experience -- the hidden fees, the confusing jargon, the poor customer service -- that he vowed to build a[…]

  • Going, Going, Gone: Who Killed the Internet Auction?

    Shared by JFoote Interesting article on the drop in Ebay auctions. Auctions were supposed to be the new way to buy and sell everything. It didn't turn out that way ?? just ask eBay.

  • Enloop: The Turbo Tax of Business Plans

    For businesses just starting out (and even for businesses that are already established), writing a business plan that bankers and investors can understand can be difficult. What is the point of a business plan? A good one will not only communicate to the people who could help fund your project what you want to do, but it can also help you objectively see the potential risks involved in your projects. By writing down the task at hand, it’s easier to predict if a business idea is set for success or not.The creators of Enloop know how difficult it is to[…]

  • Mid-Century Modern Typefaces Identified

    Totally great reference for us mid century types Via Coudal So you know. Mid-Century Modern Typefaces Identified. A helpful reference by Mark Weaver.

  • Muppets Spoof 'Green Lantern' in New Trailer (VIDEO)

    Muppets Spoof 'Green Lantern' in New Trailer (VIDEO) Filed under: Trailers and Clips, Movie News, Video We know we weren't the only ones to be punked by the first 'Muppets' trailer, which started out like a cheesy romantic comedy starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel -- that is, until Kermit and Ms. Piggy crashed the party. Well, the Muppets are back at it again, this time spoofing a specific film instead of an entire genre. Using the upcoming 'Green Lantern' as their inspiration, the trailer starts out with a voice-over that sounds just like the Green Lantern code, except with a few twists: "In brightest day, in darkest[…]


Some NEW work

After a really long hiatus working too much, doing CrossFit not quite enough, but more than before and many home improvement projects, I'm back working on some deisgn projects.

New Poster for the 2011 Weeksend season.

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Shared Articles


AZ Protest Signs

Some humorous stuff seen at a recent protest.

More Here


Be guided by the Dark Side

Since I've lived in ABQ my whole damn life, I don't really need GPS. But if I did, I would definitely get a Tom Tom and this voice pack for it.
More Via Uncrate



Chuck D & Spooky remix "By the time I get to Arizona"

In light of the current alien nation going on in AZ, Public Enemy's own Chuck D and turntablist extraordinaire DJ Spooky have remixed the seminal PE hit from the early nineties.

Follow the link to download the track.

50,000 Websites Like Like Button

A week after facebook launches a new code snippet for putting a like button on any site, over 50k have joined in. More via CNN

Downfall of Fair Use

Most internet denizens are familiar with parodied versions of a clip from the WWII Nazi movie Downfall. Recently the owners of the film delivered DMCA takedown notices to YouTube for some of the clips, which are used as parodies in most cases and are thus protected under US Fair Use Laws. Unfortunately YouTube and parent company Google honored the majorit of the takedown notices and thus become shills of big media. Congrats! The clip is humorous and very intelligently put together. WATCH IT!


Top Gear vs. The Volcano

Wired reports that the Top Gear guys were tooling around on an Icelandic volcano the week before it blew its lid.
Read more Here

Damn, Rest in Peace Guru.

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal was the MC for the seminal 80-90's rap group Gangstarr. I've been a huge fan since forever and believe Guru was a positive force in the Hip hop community.

Here's one of my favorite tracks by Gangstarr



Shake ya Ass! NSFW

We were watching Treme on HBO last night, its a show about New Orleans after the hurricane and the first episode had this song in it. Minor apologies for the lyrics.

Great stuff, Mystikal, Shake ya Ass!


Brand New Site

Check it out!

Moved my site to joomla with new custom template, some new content and a whole lot more flexibility.

I know you gon dig this.




Beautiful Timelapse footage from LA Fires

Timelapse - Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan B. on Vimeo.


Danish Motorcycle Company

Wrench Monkees

Darth Hammer or MC Vader: You Decide

Oh how i love mashed up meme metaphors


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